Technology, Research, and Industrial Projects

Technology Centers, Research and Development Campuses, Private and Government Facilities, including Oak Ridge National Lab and Tennessee Valley Authority projects in its seven-state area.

Gallery of Technology, Research, and Industrial Projects

A car is parked on the side of the road near a building.
We've provided Site Development and Landscape Designs for Department of Energy facilities.

I go to nature each day for inspiration, and I follow the building principles which nature has used in her domain."      ...Frank Lloyd Wright, Architect

What's involved in the planning of Technology, Research & Industrial Projects?
Site and Facilities Planning for technology, research, and government facilities focus on the client's development program, functional needs, budget, schedule, land use, its appearance, and it is relevant environmental, cultural, and societal influence.

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A model of the building is shown in this image.

Sometimes, scale models are produced for larger industrial and technology complexes.

A building with many windows and trees in front of it
We create award-winning campus plans for technology/research projects.
An aerial view of a building with trees in the background.
We promote business, corporate, and government innovation and collaboration by designing spaces that facilitate the mental and physical well-being of users.