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Morello & Associates... our professional goal is to provide the highest level of site design and land planning services. We provide our clients with the full range of professional services starting with the initial client meeting, through project programming and site analysis, to conceptual and detailed design drawings, construction documents, estimates, and continuing on through construction completion, cleanup, and closeout of the project.
As registered, professional Landscape Architects, we have the education and the background to best serve our clients, and to not only meet but exceed their expectations for their projects. With decades of proven experience, successful project completions, and numerous design excellence awards, we have the ability to provide professional design/build services at the very highest level.

Morello & Associates + Design & Planning Group
Preliminary rendering of a casual dining area in a proposed hotel.
Morello & Associates + Design & Planning Group
Drawing of a roof-top garden area for a corporate headquarters.
Morello & Associates + Design & Planning Group
Design sketch depicting an outdoor living area for an estate home.

"Imagination is more important than knowledge, for knowledge does have its limits, but the human imagination is infinite." …. Albert Einstein, Theoretical Physicist

Morello & Associates + Design & Planning Group
Sketch showing a partial view of a front yard concept for a villa unit in a proposed planned-unit community.

Land Planning, Landscape Architecture, Site Engineering, and Design/Build Services:

Our professional planning and design/build services are tailored to fit the size, type, and scope of each client's project. The list below offers our full-service approach to achieving outstanding design/build results, significant savings in money and time, and the happiness felt by our clients regarding their inspiring outdoor living spaces.

We provide professional courtesy and award-winning excellence by...

  • Communicating clearly with our clients, so as to best determine the clients' desires and needs for their projects

  • Analyzing the natural features, man-made and cultural attributes, and environmental aspects of the project site

  • Preparing a Program for the Implementation of Proposed Features/Functions and for all related Design Criteria

  • Creating Functional Relationship Diagrams and using them to guide the development of Conceptual Studies 

  • Producing a Site Master Plan from the Conceptual Schemes in order to finalize the arrangement of site features

  • Preparing Design Development Drawings, Site Details, and Construction Documents as needed for construction

  • Assuring accuracy in producing Specifications, Estimates, Bid Documents, and Schedules for Labor and Material

  • Complying with relevant design/construction/environmental policies and codes, then obtaining needed permits

  • Administering contract documents, and managing all construction activities during the Design/Build operations

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We believe that to be the most creative, there first must be a vision... the way we see it, the way we want it to be, and finally those things we must do to make it become a successful reality.