Landscape Architecture...

The art of designing, arranging, or modifying features of the natural landscape and local communities for aesthetic, functional, cultural, recreational, and/or environmental reasons.

A person drawing people on the sidewalk
A drawing of an outdoor area with people and fountains.
A person drawing on top of a map.
A drawing of an aerial view of a city.

We use the most current methods to provide site analysis, master planning, conceptual design, and detailed landscape and hardscape design to create uniquely beautiful places that are both comfortable and enjoyable, and that exceed the needs, objectives, and desires of our clients.

We analyze each of the site's physical features and cultural attributes, opportunities for its best land utilization, development, and preservation, and any limiting factors. Next, we determine all pedestrian circulation and vehicular patterns, noise levels, prevailing wind directions, sun orientation, vegetation, views, slopes, drainage, natural areas, and wetlands to be protected.

We provide the full range of Landscape Architectural Design Services... site analyses, feasibility studies, comprehensive master plans, landscape, and hardscape design drawings, construction documents, sustainability, and maintenance planning, project management, and design/build.

A painting of the golf course and resort.
A computer-generated illustration of a proposed residential golf community.

A beautiful landscape engages the human spirit and offers the opportunity to refresh both the mind and the soul."...Frederick Law Olmsted, Father of Landscape Architecture

A patio with tables and chairs, lights and trees.
A simple, but elegantly designed patio space that provides room for entertaining and relaxing.

As Landscape Architects, we integrate aspects and elements from many other professions, including the fine arts, earth sciences, architecture, urban design, horticulture, behavioral psychology, civil engineering, environmental and sustainable planning, and construction. Whatever may be the size, type, or scope of your project, or whatever your design criteria may be, Morello & Associates will responsibly plan your site and design all proposed site features based on your needs and objectives. Our Design/Build process effectively streamlines the delivery of the project, saves time and money, and transfers the relationship between designers and builders into an alliance that fosters collaboration, and total project success.

We combine the proven principles of site master planning and landscape architectural design with our:

  • Respectful approach toward serving client needs, desires, and expectations for their projects,

  • Thorough knowledge of the latest products, materials, lifestyles, innovations, and technology,

  • Extensive understanding of how people perceive, use, and enjoy optimally-designed spaces

  • Creative design talent rewarded with decades of project success, accolades, and recognition,

A group of people riding horses down the street.
Attention to detail guides the functional layout of site features, as was done for this resort.